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Ken Fehner

Ken Fehner is the driving force behind The Social Gloo, a dynamic digital marketing company with a rich history of success. With a remarkable tenure spanning over three decades in traditional marketing channels, Ken brings unparalleled expertise to his role.

At The Social Gloo, Ken partners with a diverse array of clients, ranging from local enterprises to global corporations, to fulfill their email marketing, social media, website design and video production requirements. His comprehensive services encompass email marketing, along with adept management and design across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, where his prowess extends to video production.

Ken's approach to email and social media strategy is far from generic; he shuns cookie-cutter methodologies in favor of bespoke solutions tailored to the unique demands of each client, whether they operate in the B2C or B2B realm. By leveraging proven best practices, Ken consistently delivers tangible results, perpetually refining strategies through vigilant monitoring of social media engagement to enhance interaction continually.

Beyond his role as a marketing maven, Ken is a sought-after speaker, captivating audiences with his insights on leveraging social media and email to fuel business growth. Renowned for his engaging seminars, such as the highly acclaimed "Be A Facebook Rockstar," Ken imparts invaluable knowledge through hands-on classes, empowering attendees with social media best practices.

Ken's entrepreneurial journey is illustrious, having spearheaded ventures like I.N. Marketing, where he orchestrated nearly $10 million in ad revenue over a fifteen-year span, overseeing ad placement and creation for over 50 retail stores across 20 key markets. As the proprietor of Indie Store Radio, Ken curated exclusive music selections for independent retail outlets, further demonstrating his keen business acumen.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, Ken has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of email marketing, social media management, and website design since 2010, cementing his reputation as a visionary leader in the field.

This is a picture of Ken Fehner the owner of The Social Gloo. Ken has been a marketer for over 30 years. Ken has worked in digital marketing for over 15 years.

Nancy Fehner

Nancy Fehner is a multifaceted professional who plays a pivotal role in the success of The Social Gloo. As the Head of Newsletter Content Creation, she brings creativity and strategic insight to crafting compelling content that resonates with audiences across various channels.

In addition to content creation, Nancy assumes the responsibility of maintaining client email marketing databases, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in all communications. Her meticulous attention to detail and organizational prowess contribute significantly to the seamless execution of email marketing campaigns.

Beyond her contributions to content creation and database management, Nancy serves as the Chief Financial Officer of The Social Gloo. In this capacity, she oversees the financial health of the company, leveraging her expertise in financial management to drive sustainable growth and operational excellence.


With a unique blend of creativity, diligence, and financial understanding, Nancy embodies the core values of The Social Gloo, playing an integral role in its continued success and advancement in the realm of email marketing and social media management.

This is a picture of Nancy Fehner the CFO of The Social Gloo. Nancy is also The Social Gloos's email marketing content creator.
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